10 Reasons Roofs Ought to Be Inspected

What future roof activities or setups should be thought about?

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Figure 2a: Cold attic design.

Complicated roof geometry (dormers ganged together along an eave, changes in roof plane, etc.) concentrate snow volumes and meltwater runoff into small areas. This can create ice dams no matter the amount of ventilation. These conditions can also eliminate portions of eave and ridge vents, and interrupt the flow of air, thereby restricting the efficiency of natural ventilation.

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Heating system components (e.g., mechanical units and ductwork) should not be placed in a cold attic; they generate heat and leak warm air. Where this is unavoidable, the mechanical units should be isolated in an insulated room, and ducts should be sealed airtight and well insulated.

Exactly what are the experience level and credentials of the installer?".

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