IVF Clinic In Spain - Research Discloses Aluminium Causes Male Fertility Issues

A trip to a leading Harley Street clinic was needed for the 4th IVF cycle, costing a further £9,000 plus travel costs, however once again success was not coming. Then, another medical professional validated that Helen's eggs were dark, grainy and poor quality, so she was recommended to utilize an egg benefactor. The couple accepted the advice, however with UK legislation stopping them from having a confidential egg donor at home, they were left with no other choice than going to an IVF clinic in Spain. She said... "We decided we didn't want our baby later looking for their egg contributor, but luckily our regional hospital had a sister IVF clinic in Spain, where anonymous egg donation is enabled."

IVF Clinic In Spain

got back in September gone, with Helen saying... "I can't describe how it feels to hold him in my arms," with hubby Marc including... "I 'd go through the process a million times in order to have my boy."

Men being exposed to aluminium could be responsible for falling sperm counts, in addition to being a direct cause of male fertility problems, according to a brand-new research, performed by using Fluorescence microscopy technology, with team members verifying the presence of aluminium in semen, by physically seeing aluminium within individual sperm under a microscope.

IVF Definition - In-Vitro Fertilization

Much has actually changed since Louise Brown became the very first IVF baby to be born in Europe, back in 1978, however ever since numerous advances have actually happened in a number of crucial regions of fertility development. It's been nearly 4 decades since the world was stunned by the news of the birth of the first ever test-tube baby. Louise Brown all of a sudden became a household name overnight, as international news provided us with the very first ever unique baby not to be a Royal or the offspring of a celebrity. The most pertinent outcome of the experiment however, was the fact that a brand-new tunnel of hope had actually been opened for countless men and women with fertility issues, as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) was born.

Fertility Researchers Professor Christopher Exley and Professor Michele Cottier had the ability to determine the content levels of aluminium in sperm from 62 benefactors in a French clinic, with Professor Exley saying... "There's been fairly a substantial increase in overall male fertility problems throughout the developed world during the last few years, specifically a decreasing sperm count, though previous studies has constantly connected this shift to environmental aspects like endocrine disruptors." He added... "In contrast to the reducing fertility figures, direct exposure to aluminium has significantly increased throughout the same time period. We now think however, that our current study does in all truth implicate that aluminium is a prospective cause for such changes in reproductive fertility."

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