Luxury Car Baby Mirror Gets 250 Amazon Reviews In Under 3 Months

Freddie and Sebbie kids accessory spokesman, Mr Neil Speight said... "Any law in place should be implemented on us all at the same level, which includes people, private business or public run ones. As moms and dads, we leave our faith in our elected representatives to look after our kid's safety in all walks of life, so if there is any doubt whatsoever that infants lives are being endangered while being carried in an ambulance, then something needs to be done about it, and fast."

Freddie and Sebbie Back Seat Infant Mirror

Neil Speight included: "With no doubt whatsoever, the backseat child mirror has actually surpassed our preliminary hopes more than any other accessory we presently sell on Amazon. It's genuinely incredible how just one single modification to legislation can unexpectedly make a product so successful practically overnight." The Freddie and Sebbie co-director discussed how the current modifications to United States legislation concerning the requirement for babies to remain seated rear-facing in their safety seats til they reach 24 months, had been a major part for this product's success.

Another 5 star accessory evaluation by Manila128 likewise validates that it's an exceptional product, simple to install, which even remains on during rough rides. She adds... "I have even sat in the backseat with baby while my other half drove and have hit the mirror, which was above me, and it still doesn't come off! Clear reflection (doesn't warp like on inexpensive mirrors) and broad angle so I can actually see everything. We have a sedan and we attached the mirror on the seat right behind the motorist's seat, simply due to the fact that it gave us the best view. Even our baby enjoys faced at her dad through her mirror, which is excellent when there is only one of us present in the car."

In a current five star verified Amazon client testimonial for the Freddie and Sebbie back seat mirror, Julie Williams says... "I purchased this to use for when I babysit, and need to transfer my grandson. 30 years back, my infant's car seat looked forward, so I had no trouble making sure he was fine, however not so in 2015 with rear-facing safety seats. This mirror is precisely as described, so with no doubt, with all the items on the marketplace for children nowadays, this is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" must haves!"

Official spokesman for Freddie and Sebbie, Mr Neil Speight, discussed the accident, and stated... "Such a disaster for that poor family, but at least someone had the sense to put the child in a rear facing safety seat, which no doubt has actually conserved her life. I hope that other parents see how essential it truly is for their infant's security too. I understand numerous moms and dads do have issues to actually position their child in a manner whereby they are not visible to them, but that issue can be fixed by having a baby mirror set up, which will allow moms and dads to always have the ability to watch over their loved ones whenever needed."

Numerous cases like the one reported by Fairfax Media have just recently emerged, wherein the policy change has actually led to major delays when taking kids to a healthcare facility, when paramedics are just refusing to co-operate. Paramedics have been told to strap kids to a pediatric harnesses instead of using baby safety seats, though numerous are now stating that they are simply too big for kids under 4.

The spokesperson for Freddie and Sebbie, Mr Neil Speight, has just recently revealed the launch of their most current baby device sold on Amazon, called the back seat mirror, in response to moms and dads crying out for a way to keep an eye on their infants, while sat in a rear-faced positioned baby safety seat.

Rear Facing Car Seats With Instruction and Safety

A police representative has recently verified that a young mom was tragically killed following a head-on collision, with two other members of the Lakeland neighborhood resulting hurt in the traffic collision that occurred at about 8 p.m last Sunday. Kayla M. Bryant, aged 21, who was a passenger among the cars, wasn't wearing her safety belt and passed away soon after the crash. The local authorities have also stated that her 6-week-old little girl was properly strapped into a rear-facing infant safety seat, which was what avoided her from being seriously injured in the crash.

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