Motorcycle Tips

Salvage yards is the best place to purchase used parts of motorcycles. It may also have added services that will help you install the used engine on the motorcycle being assembled for you and you will be able to check the motorcycle for safety issues or quality problem during the installation. Although they may charge you for this additional services but at least you are sure that experts will handle the installation of the engine. Since engines is a vital part in motorcycle it is important that only the experts in mechanics who will handle the installation. Another advantage of availing the product in the salvage yards is the fact that you can return it if anything goes wrong.


6) Before ANY journey, check petrol, oil and fluids as well as the overall condition of your bike. Motorcycle headlight bulbs, controls, wiring, tyres, forks, frame and shocks all require a once over.

Now, are all motorcycle wheels the same?

First of all, have a general idea of how long you wish to own the motorcycle and how much mileage will it have covered by the time you dispose it. This will help you spend the necessary money needed to be spent. This means for example, if you intend to use the motorcycle for just a month and cover a mileage of 200, there is no need to spend on tyres that can cover a mileage of up to 1000.

Think about the cost of the wheels and the stores, on or offline, where you can get the best deals:

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