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If you find yourself battling bothersome clumps of weeds, one solution would be to utilize a concentrated spritz of water and vinegar to the most choked places. Fix the nozzle on the sprayer so that it's easier to target only the affected areas. This is best when used on a bright day.

Bring worms to your garden. Earthworms are great allies to have in your gardening efforts. Great organic practices like mulching, composting, and using natural fertilizers will bring them. Having plenty of earthworms in your garden plots will keep the soil aerated, and provide additional natural fertilizer to your plants.

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Organic gardens are ideal for gourmet cooking. If you're planning to use some your garden for this kind of cooking, try growing your own organic herbs. They make great landscaping plants also. They can add fresh flavors to foods, supply natural medicinal goods, and supply fragrances. Most do not even need focus to grow.

Why purchase new garden covers when you have the capability to use your old blankets to cover plants in the winter time? In the event you don't have any old blankets you can buy used ones at thrift stores cheaply. Use tomato cages to support the blankets over your plants. Individual bricks or garden stone could be utilized to hold the blankets and down and assure great coverage for your plants.

Do not use substances near a water source. If you have a pond in your garden, or reside near a creek or stream, never use substances to plants. Organic gardeners can leach into the soil and also make their way into the local water source. Even in the event you believe you're applying the compound topically, it's going to make its way into the ground through the roots.

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