What is CGI Animation?

Any kind of graphics job is time-consuming and calls for more abilities than people often comprehend.

3d character

Using 3d animations (sometimes also referred to as computer-generated imagery - CGI) in place of 2d imagery has many positive aspects.

2. Storyboard.

In Computer Animation, What is Rendering?

It also presents an almost perfect depiction of your product, permitting users to see it from all angles - giving them full control with just a click of the mouse. Given that 3d animation also permits you to use any kind of texture, transparency, lighting effects and motions, you have complete command over how you want your product to be shown and perceived.

Production expenses are very costly for animation, the storyboard is very essential. This must serve as the blueprint for every aspect of the film.

For the Pros, Computer can make some roles play in the motion picture and these roles are not existing in the real world although it is executed by some characters in the "backstage", for example, the apes in the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

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